Important meeting and vote

The meeting this Thursday, March 5, 2020 is important and I urge any current or past members to attend. The Lorne Radbourne Pavillion in Muskoseepi Park 7-8:30 pm. The facility is only open for us so please be prompt.  If the door is locked come around the back and knock on the window of the meeting room.

I will be stepping down as the official President on March 5, 2020
I will continue to respond to emails sent to and  until at least 2/16/2021.
I will continue to maintain and post get-togethers, events, and news to the public Facebook page and website.

Proposals to be discussed and voted on March 5, 2020. Voting is open to attending current and former members from Nov 1 2018 till March 5 2020 or their proxies. A vote will be 50% +1.

  • The final call for nominations for President.
  • If a new President is not elected it is proposed that the Peace Country Flyfishing Association suspend itself as an Association with regularly scheduled meetings and public events.
  • The Association may be returned to active status in the event that 3 individuals be willing and available to perform the duties necessary. At least 1 of these individuals must be a current or former member of the Association with 1 of the members being voted in as President, 1 being voted as treasurer, 1 as secretary. No individual may concurrently hold 2 positions.
  • If the Peace Country Flyfishing Association discontinues as an Association it has been suggested that informal and ad-hoc social gatherings and fly tying sessions may continue. Several public locations have been identified for this purpose and are available on request. A voluntary contact list will be made available on request to . Requesting this list will require your contact information is added to the list.
  • Current assets, after expenses, will be held and made available for future ad-hoc events as needed with the consideration that at some time in the future the Association may be returned to active status with access to the remaining funds.

Important club business meetings coming up.

I’m stepping down as President as of the March 5,2020 meeting and we someone who is willing to step up and give the club a new path if it is to continue. If you are interested or curious as to the role send me an email. We are a loosely organized group and each President has chosen their own style. I really like hanging out and talking with everybody and the summer events have been great but i have other commitments and don’t want to captain the boat any longer. 

With the lack of member involvement in meetings or organizing club related events this year, the club members need to reaccess if the club and it’s meetings are still viable.If there are no volunteers willing to lead the club we must also consider if we will continue as an organization. Currently, no meetings or events are scheduled past March 5 until we have discussed these issues.

There is a meeting 7-8 pm this week Feb 20 to discuss this.


Club update and sad news

Due to a busy work schedule and some personal circumstances, I will be stepping down as club president at the beginning of March 2020 and calling for nominations and a club vote at the March 5, 2020, meeting. Our official meeting season usually ends in May (but is flexible) when we start doing outdoor activities. It has been interesting and informative holding this position from 2016 till now but I need to step back now and focus on some other things. I’ll definitely stay involved with the club and support the club and its new President in whatever form they choose to lead this club. Anyone who is interested in this position or would like to know the associated duties let me know and we can discuss this. Since we are a relatively informal group the position description for the President has usually been decided on by the person holding this position and their level of commitment and time available. Also, any club members that would like to take a more active role in activities are encouraged to step up. If you have an idea but are unsure of how to do it, we will assist you in any way needed.
A couple of weeks ago I was told about the loss of Kevin Parkinson (, a friend of the club and a fishing buddy of some of us. In November 2019 Kevin was fishing alone at Stoney Lake and tragically drowned. I’ve been hesitant about how to write about this as this is a personally emotional topic for me. I first met Kevin on a lake a couple of years back when a friend and I were fishing Sulphur Lake. As usual, as soon as everyone hit the lake we scattered to our favorite spots. I noticed Kevin with his pontoon was in the same area as I liked to fish but since this is a good lake and he wasn’t in my way I didn’t mind the company. He and I were both having a good day with lots of solid hits. We started talking about what flys we were using and he showed me some of his tyed flys. At some point, I think I asked him if he was there camping or just a day trip and he said that he had been there 2 days and was sleeping in his truck. Then he started to open up that things were not going well for him. Obviously, he was in a tough place and needed someone, anyone to just talk to. Out there on the lake with a beautiful summer blue sky and a gentle breeze blowing he told me that his marriage had just broken up in the last week and he didn’t know how to deal with this. I listened to him and just tried to be supportive of him. Later when we were all onshore having lunch it was apparent that he had driven there on impulse and had no food or supplies so we shared our lunch with him. Later, we talked more on the water about where his life could go from here and also fishing and tying flys. I didn’t even know this guy but it was obvious that if we hadn’t randomly met that day on the lake he wouldn’t have been going home. We shared contact info and we texted and spoke on the phone a few times after that. Kevin did get on top of his situation and eventually found a new family. He was happy again. I bumped into Kevin on different lakes quite often after that and it’s been a privilege to know him.

If I can say two things to take away from meeting Kevin and knowing how he passed;
– Be safe out there. Accidents can happen in an instant. Find a buddy to go out with AND wear your life vest.
– Please, if you are feeling alone or overwhelmed by life, remember that this is temporary and it will pass (even if it doesn’t seem possible to you at the moment). People will listen if you need help, talk to someone, and please ask for help.
If you need help right now please use these telephone resources:
If suicide is a possibility, call 911
Alberta Mental Health Help Line: 1 (877) 303-2642
Alberta Addictions Helpline 1 (866) 332-2322
Distress Line (Edmonton and area): (780) 482-4357
Distress Centre (Calgary and area): (403) 266-4357
Distress Line of South Western Alberta: (403) 327-7905
First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line 1 (855) 242-3310
Kids Help Phone 1 (800) 668-6868
Rural Distress Line: 1 (800) 232-7288
211 is here to help you find the right community and social services. You can dial 2-1-1 to speak to an Information & Referral Specialist, or search the online community resource directory, or chat online with them from 12-8pm MT daily.


Due to some last minute changes with Muskoseepi Park we won’t be meeting there this thursday. Instead we’ll have a sociable at the Crown & Anchor Pub. I’ll be there about 7 and i’ll grab a table on the far side near the pool tables. If you’re coming out let me know so i know how many chairs to grab.
Regular meetings are back at the Ernie Radbouirne Pavillion in Muskoseepi Park 7-8:30 Jan 2, 2020. Don’t forget to checkout the tying course Gary Hanke is doing in the new year Masterclass- Novice/Beginner Flytying Class – 2 Full Days March 7-8, 2020 – Grande Prairie, Alberta Metalman
See you later, if not tomorrow have an good Holiday and stay safe out there.

Dec 5 meetup

Sorry for the late notice, there’s a club get together tonight 7-8:30 as usual (1st and 3rd thursday of each month). Something came up and i can’t make it tonight. the room is booked so feel free to get together, tell stories and do some fly tying.

Jim Hopkins (Grampa J) will be dropping by tonight with his Hook and Hackle order book. it’s worth it to take a gander in there and see what he can order in for you. Professional quality materials and you’re supporting a local business (and a founding member of the club). He’s been working on having a website going and i’ll let everyone know when this is ready. If you need to get in touch with him and don’t have his number let me know, i can help you out. 

I’ll see you all Dec 19