Important club business meetings coming up.

I’m stepping down as President as of the March 5,2020 meeting and we someone who is willing to step up and give the club a new path if it is to continue. If you are interested or curious as to the role send me an email. We are a loosely organized group and each President has chosen their own style. I really like hanging out and talking with everybody and the summer events have been great but i have other commitments and don’t want to captain the boat any longer. 

With the lack of member involvement in meetings or organizing club related events this year, the club members need to reaccess if the club and it’s meetings are still viable.If there are no volunteers willing to lead the club we must also consider if we will continue as an organization. Currently, no meetings or events are scheduled past March 5 until we have discussed these issues.

There is a meeting 7-8 pm this week Feb 20 to discuss this.