Important meeting and vote

The meeting this Thursday, March 5, 2020 is important and I urge any current or past members to attend. The Lorne Radbourne Pavillion in Muskoseepi Park 7-8:30 pm. The facility is only open for us so please be prompt.  If the door is locked come around the back and knock on the window of the meeting room.

I will be stepping down as the official President on March 5, 2020
I will continue to respond to emails sent to and  until at least 2/16/2021.
I will continue to maintain and post get-togethers, events, and news to the public Facebook page and website.

Proposals to be discussed and voted on March 5, 2020. Voting is open to attending current and former members from Nov 1 2018 till March 5 2020 or their proxies. A vote will be 50% +1.

  • The final call for nominations for President.
  • If a new President is not elected it is proposed that the Peace Country Flyfishing Association suspend itself as an Association with regularly scheduled meetings and public events.
  • The Association may be returned to active status in the event that 3 individuals be willing and available to perform the duties necessary. At least 1 of these individuals must be a current or former member of the Association with 1 of the members being voted in as President, 1 being voted as treasurer, 1 as secretary. No individual may concurrently hold 2 positions.
  • If the Peace Country Flyfishing Association discontinues as an Association it has been suggested that informal and ad-hoc social gatherings and fly tying sessions may continue. Several public locations have been identified for this purpose and are available on request. A voluntary contact list will be made available on request to . Requesting this list will require your contact information is added to the list.
  • Current assets, after expenses, will be held and made available for future ad-hoc events as needed with the consideration that at some time in the future the Association may be returned to active status with access to the remaining funds.