January Meetup with preping Rabbit fur for tying

Hey all, I’m lying on the coach with dog #1 ‘s snoring head my lap and dog#2 on the other coach with 3 legs straight in the air and leg 4 is trying to kickstart a 1943 Harley Knucklehead. And i probably walked dog#2 more today than i’ve walked in the last week. 
So what i’m saying is, time to get off the couch and back to tying some flies and telling fishing stories.  This week (jan 3,2019 7-9 pm at the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion at the Muskoseepi Park, by the skating pond).

I’ll be bringing in some rabbit fur i have and we’ll look at bleaching it before dying it. I’ll have deer patches that we’ll look at bleaching as well. If anyone has issues with the ammonia smell from hair colouring please let me know in advanced so i can revise that step.

We’re also looking at:
cutting zonker strips
removing hair and blending dubbing 

If you want to bring in some patches for bleaching or dying, let’s do it.

On February 7 we’ll be tying sculpin, leach, and other rabbit fur based patterns. 

Club Events:

  • We’re doing another indoor casting clinic in the next 2 months. I’ll pass on the details when i get the ok on the date.
  • We’ll also be organising an extended fly tying event for beginner and intermediate tyers in March or early April. Dates and details to follow.

Club News:

  1. new year new memberships please. We don’t push hard for you to pay a 40.00/year membership. Mostly because we kinda like when you drop into the meetings. And there is a back bank balance that has been helping to subsidise the room rental fees. Every meeting rental costs more than a little bit than 40.00. If you could drop by and renew and say hi, we’d like to say “well howdy” to your money.
  2. How is everyone with the monthly meeting schedule? Should we review weekly or bi-weekly?
  3. Any subjects you want to see covered or you want to present (we will help you set up a presentation)?

My last word is a link to Maceo Parker & Friends 5/2/14 New Orleans @ Fiya Fest at Mardi Gras World. If you are uninitiated with Maceo.

See you thursday.

Kids can Catch recap

A big thanks for the club members (Niraj and Lester) and the Wholesale Sports team who came out on Saturday. We didn’t have the turnout we were expecting or the weather\fishing we were hoping for but we stuck it out anyway. The Kakut Lake campground was full of campers so we invited all the kids down for a cast and free hotdogs, bottled water, and fresh apples from my back yard. Wholesale Sports was so cool about bringing rods for the kids, gift bags and a drawing for some outdoor gear. Niraj was showing some campers basic knot tying and i was helping some beginners get the basics of casting.

Paul Hvenegaard from the Alberta Conservation Association came down and talked to us about some of the projects they have in the works (more grayling studies, East Dollar Lakes, Beaverlodge and Red Willow Creeks). A great guy who is doing some great work and definitely should be getting our support. We spoke briefly about some projects i personally would like to see the Club be more active in pursuing. Just spitballing ideas but i’d like to see another dock at Kakut Pond and maybe some more or diverse fish stocking done at the Highway 40 Grovedale pond.

There were some gentleman from the Grandview Colony flyfishing that i had a chat with about what fly’s they were using. I was betting on wet fly’s due to the weather and the overcast sky but they were having luck on excellent home-made medium sized blue dry fly’s. They very generously gave me a large bag of potatoes when i offered to cook up some of our hotdogs for them.

Lester was the winner of the draw for the Fishing Scoop. Unfortunately the memory card on my phone got corrupted and i don’t have any pictures of the day. Here’s Lester with his new Fishing Scoop.


Some final thanks again to Grande Prairie Regional College for the tables, The Fishing Scoop for donating the draw prize, Wholesale Sports for always being generally awesome, the whole crew at Kakut Lake for being so accommodating of out take-over of the best shore fishing spots, and from the ACA specifically Brian Bildson for initiating this event , Sheila Campbell for helping with the organisation and co-ordination and especially coming to the rescue when our BBQ sponsor was forced to cancel at the last minute.

I’ll tell you this, next year we’re gonna be bigger, better, and by golly we’re gonna catch us some fish.