Anglers Atlas website feature update

If you don’t use the Anglers Atlas site or the phone app you should look into it. Most fisherman i know use it for the maps and regular updates on fishing info and water conditions but they just sent out an email that they have started to test a great new feature where you can check to see if there is ice on a lake via the web site.

The feature collects satellite data every day and saves it to our database so our members can check to see the latest conditions of their favourite lakes.

The system works on medium and large lakes across most of the country. To use it simply find your favourite waterbody and press the “Ice Detector” button in the top right corner (above the maps).

If there is no button, it means we don’t have data for the lake yet or the lake is too small to conduct the analysis.

Please note you have to be logged in to activate the feature.

Going Fishing or mowing the lawn, tough decisions

Another weekend where i haveto choose between mowing the lawn and fixing up the fence or going fishing. Well we know who wins this one, right.
i had to share this email from Scott with you.
I don’t often take pictures of fish but I thought this was somewhat of a special occasion. I travelled to Twin Lakes last Tuesday and had an outstanding day 30 – 40 fish with most of them being Rainbows of about 15 inches and four of five around the 19″ range. All excellent fish and great jumpers and they weren’t fussy about which fly I used. On top of that I landed five Tiger trout. The Tigers were all about 16″ and although they weren’t as acrobatic as the Rainbows they put a longer scrap than Brooks do. One other point of interest is that not all of the Tigers were uniformly striped as a couple of them looked more like Browns with prominent spots but these were much silvered colour than your regular Brown.
For interest’s sake I kept track of the mileage from Figure 8 to Twin Lakes and it’s 145 km or an hour and half drive.
Stopped in at Figure 8 on the way back and met Drew who I think I talked into heading to Twin instead of Sulphur Lake on Wednesday (t9oday) so he might have a few Tiger Tales to share when he gets back to GP.
And while I’m rambling, I should mention that Sulphur is offering fewer fish than what I’m used to the fish are noticeably bigger as the Rainbows were all coming in around 20 inches and I did manage to land one 22″ Brook. Also, the grocer from Hines Creek officially weighted in a Rainbow from Stoney Lake that crept over nine pound so things are looking good.
Tight lines and if anyone is heading north be sure to give me a call.
tiger trout
the clubs got a trip to Sulphur and Twin Lakes forJune 18-19 that i’m not able to make but stoney is on the calendar for this weekend. i’m figuring on heading out friday afternoon if the weather is good or hold off untill sat mid afternoon if it’s not so great. Look for the metalic grey silverado with the bulldog sleeping beside it, his names Tucker.
Getting to Stoney (Montagneuse) Lake:
on your way to Fairview turn off towards Hines Creek. As soon as you hit town turn right onto 685, then quickly turn left onto RR43 \ Stoney Lake Access Road. it’s only 20 something km up the road and it’s on your right. The camp ground is the first entrance.
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