January Meetup with preping Rabbit fur for tying

Hey all, I’m lying on the coach with dog #1 ‘s snoring head my lap and dog#2 on the other coach with 3 legs straight in the air and leg 4 is trying to kickstart a 1943 Harley Knucklehead. And i probably walked dog#2 more today than i’ve walked in the last week. 
So what i’m saying is, time to get off the couch and back to tying some flies and telling fishing stories.  This week (jan 3,2019 7-9 pm at the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion at the Muskoseepi Park, by the skating pond).

I’ll be bringing in some rabbit fur i have and we’ll look at bleaching it before dying it. I’ll have deer patches that we’ll look at bleaching as well. If anyone has issues with the ammonia smell from hair colouring please let me know in advanced so i can revise that step.

We’re also looking at:
cutting zonker strips
removing hair and blending dubbing 

If you want to bring in some patches for bleaching or dying, let’s do it.

On February 7 we’ll be tying sculpin, leach, and other rabbit fur based patterns. 

Club Events:

  • We’re doing another indoor casting clinic in the next 2 months. I’ll pass on the details when i get the ok on the date.
  • We’ll also be organising an extended fly tying event for beginner and intermediate tyers in March or early April. Dates and details to follow.

Club News:

  1. new year new memberships please. We don’t push hard for you to pay a 40.00/year membership. Mostly because we kinda like when you drop into the meetings. And there is a back bank balance that has been helping to subsidise the room rental fees. Every meeting rental costs more than a little bit than 40.00. If you could drop by and renew and say hi, we’d like to say “well howdy” to your money.
  2. How is everyone with the monthly meeting schedule? Should we review weekly or bi-weekly?
  3. Any subjects you want to see covered or you want to present (we will help you set up a presentation)?

My last word is a link to Maceo Parker & Friends 5/2/14 New Orleans @ Fiya Fest at Mardi Gras World. If you are uninitiated with Maceo.

See you thursday.


April 6, 2018
4:00 pmto9:00 pm
April 7, 2018
10:00 amto6:00 pm
April 8, 2018
10:00 amto6:00 pm

Hey all just a quick shout out that the club will have a booth at the GP Sports Expo at Evergreen Park this weekend.

Friday, April 6th – 4pm to 9pm
Saturday, April 7th – 10am to 6pm
Sunday, April 8th – 10am to 5pm

I’ll have 5 more exhibitor passes available if you’re free anytime to cover the booth (i’ll be there pretty much all weekend). We will also be doing a mini casting clinic\demo if anyone is available for that (time tba). This would be a quick demo and explanation of different casting techniques and beginner tips.

There were 2 options for guests for this thursday meeting but neither have been able to confirm so it’s a fly tying and hangout meeting.

Clairmont Sportsplex has April 19 or 26 free for a casting clinic. If i can get some volunteers to assist i’ll book the date (give me your preference). We’ll be promoting this at the Sports Expo.

And a reminder that we should be looking at putting events in the club calendar for the next few months. this was the last years (left) with the closest date this year (right). I’m up for putting more BC and river trips in here if you have suggestions.

arpril 15    swan lake    april 14/18
april 22    moonshine        april 21/18
may 4    casting clinic MuskPark    april 5/18
may 13-14    moonshine    may 12-13/18
may 20    snipe            may 19/18
may 27-28    stoney\figure 8    may 26-27/18
june 3-4    one island    june 2-3/18
june 10-11     two lakes    june 9-10/18
june 17-18    sulfur\twin lakes june 16-17/18
june 24-25     spring lake    june 23-24/18
july 8-9    kidscancatch KakutPond june july 7/18
july 15-17    pierre greys lakes july 14-15/18
oct 7-8    figure 8 lakes        oct 6-7/18
august 12-13    stoney and sulfur aug 11-12/18

Meetings start November

November 2, 2017
11:00 am

Our regular meeting season begins November 2. We will continue with our existing schedule of every thursday evening 7-9 pm at  Muskoseepi Park in the Ernie Eadbourne Pavilion.

We’ll start this year off with an open-house to catch up with some of our existing members and greet some of the new comers who might be hearing about us at the GP Gun & Sportsman Show Oct 20-22. Other topics i’d like to look at in Nov are:

  • Cleaning and storing your equipment for the winter
  • Hard water (ice fishing) flies and tips
  • The life cycle of aquatic insects and identifying when to use emergers, caddis, dry, or terestrials.
  • 2018 Club meeting topics and projects
  • If you’d like to propose a topic let me know

Get the word out about the meetings and try to bring a friend or your wife\kids. We do welcome everyone who’s interested in Fly fishing, tying, environmental stewardship, outdoor recreation, and just about any other good reason to Get Out There. Like i say “fishing isn’t the reason i go out there, it’s my excuse”.

Any questions, comments or suggestions, just pass them on.

Gun And Sportsman Show October 20-22

October 20, 2017
4:00 pmto9:00 pm
October 21, 2017
10:00 amto6:00 pm
October 22, 2017
10:00 amto4:00 pm
The Peace Country Flyfishers Association will again have a table at the fall Gun And Sportsman Show October 20-22.
Come one out and say hi (and buy a 2018 membership to keep the coffee supply running).
SATURDAY Oct 21 10-6
SUNDAY Oct 22 10-4
Any members who are able to help with the setup\tear down or can sit at the table please contact Phil Gorman, please and thanks.

Rod Building

We decided that 4 of our members (me included) are willing to order fly rod building kits from the mudhole. Jim has done this before and has some of the equipment we will need to do the wrapping. We will find a spot for this (it will take 2 days to do the rods due to drying time) and set a date when we know when they will be shipped. If you are interested look at the link below and get back to me.

choose the rod you want and we will do a group order to reduce the shipping cost, try to get a better deal, and to ensure they all are here at the same time.
most of these kits should include the blanks, grips (formed or cork), tips and eylets. double check that your kit includes these.i will ask about that when i make the order. please get the payment to me before we order. lets do the order before next weekend as it might take a few weeks to get here.
I’m looking at having a booth at the GP Sports Expo March 24, 25 and 26. if the rod kits are here by then this would be an excellent place and time to do the construction