Fly tying this week

Hey all, this week (Nov 21) we’ll be doing some fly tying. Bring your gear and ideas to the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion in Muskoseepi Park 7-8.30 pm tomorrow. 

I’m thinking it might be a good idea to look into what flys you can use for summer or winter fishing. Yes (most of) your flys are just as effective when ice fishing as they are in the warmer months. Most of those insects are still there, just in a slightly different place and moving slightly slower. 

I’m planning on restocking my scud patterns ( but take a look here to see what insects are in the water and find a pattern that matches that

See you then, bring a friend or bring your kid.



Meeting are starting.

Did you notice the water get hard this last week?

Yeah, i know that’s a cruel question. Too soon for ice fishing, too expensive to go to Mexico (invite me if you’re going please), and almost too cold for fly fishing. Perfect time to start tying and telling “true” fishing stories!

The first and 3rd thursday of the month we will be meeting at the Ernie Radbourne Pavillion in Muskoseepi Park 7-8:30 pm. Thats this thursday, like TOMORROW Thursday. 

Let’s share some stories and go over what topics you’d like to have on the agenda for this year. i have a few things to discuss but we should hear what you want the club to do. If you are interested in doing a presentation at one of the meetings or writing up something for the website ( \ facebook page (members only or the public one), or want to add something to the emails i send out let me know.
And as always drop on by Primetime Hunting and support a local business. They are a supporter of the club and are offering discounts with your current member card (ask instore for details).
Address: 11312 98 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta
Phone: 780 832 0666
Business Hours: 9am-6pm M-S, closed Sunday

Yeah, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow and bring a friend.



A reminder that we are having a social night at the Grainbin Brewery Thursday Oct 17 7 pm till 9 so bring a friend and tell some “true” fishing stories. The fine folks there have some fantastic beers on tap.
The regular meetingsA are scheduled to start Nov 7. We are still going with 1st and 3rd week of each month 7-8:30 pm at Muskoseepi Park in the Ernie Radbourne Pavillion (by the pond).
If you’re a current member check out the members facebook page ( and if you are not currently a member check out the public page for meeting schedules and information ( And as always all public posting will also be avaliable on the website

Give me a shout on any of these sites or if you have any questions.


Changes with Facebook

I’d like to thank everyone who was able to come out to the meeting last night. Several things were discussed and i’ll be sending out an email with more information this weekend. Immediately i felt it was important to let whomever were not able to make it know that the Peace Country Flyfishers Association Facebook page ( has been closed until we can clarify how it should be used as a public resource for the club and our members. These are the last items posted to the group during this review period.

The Peace Country Flyfishers Association has chosen to discontinue the use of this Facebook Group. Posting and comments have been disabled.

The Peace Country Flyfishers Association as a club will continue to be active in promoting the sport of fly fishing through regular meetings (returning in October 2019), fly tying and fly casting instruction, promoting good sportsmanship and environmental conservation, and promoting family friendly social outings.

We will continue to post Club information, events, and presentations on our website A closed Club Members only group has been created (Peace Country Flyfishers Members) where our members will be posting current events, outings and fishing information. You can contact myself or any club member for information on how to obtain a club membership and access this group.

We will update you as we make changes and appreciate your support.

This page was intended to be a public face of the Peace Country Flyfishers Association and it’s members. Very few members have actually been using this group and we feel that the level of topics and discussion does not agree with our values and mandate of promoting education, information and sports fishing practices.

Again to be clear, the club has not changed and we will continue with our summer events and regular meetings will restart as normal in October. All current club members are invited to join the new closed Facebook group (Peace Country Flyfishers Members) to share your photos and adventures with other club members and access more fly fishing related information and location fishing reports that will not be posted to the website or possibly the public facebook page (if it is decided to restart that group).

This is a time of some transitions regarding what we see as the public face of the club and we appreciate your patience and welcome your input.

The summer events listings are on the new page and our regular meeting season at Muskoseepi Park are completed until October.


May updates and events

This is just a short email to get everyone up to date.

  • The May 2 outdoor casting clinic is postponed till next week May 9. 7-9 pm as usual but behind (opposite side of the pond) the Ernie Radbourne Pavillion in Muskoseepi Park. 
  • I’ll confirm wed if the space is still free for some fly tying.
  • ACA has asked us to do some fishing “for science” at the crosslink pond. They need us to catch 10 fish for them. i’m heading there sunday, if you want to go let me know and we’ll set a time.
  • May 11-12 Moonshine Lake, AB 
    May 18 day trip Swan Lake, AB 
    May 30 Crosslink Pond, Clairmont AB
  • Most lakes are open now and some of the bigger ones should be turning over in a couple weeks when they start warming up. Expect a couple days of no fish biting and some winter kill washing up. This is normal seasonal activity.
  • If you didn’t renew your license do it online i always do mine online and print off 5-6 copies to stick in my truck, wallet, fishing vests\hat, back back. This way i always know i have my license with me. Don’t forget to sign yours as well.
  • We have created a members only facebook page and web page ( and will be sending this information to our current (and some former) members in the next week or so. These will only be accessible to paid members.
  • If you are looking to buy or sell gear let me know and we’ll see if we can put together a swap meet or a facebook buy\sell section.
  • A listing of ACA stocked lakes is here and they update it when a lake gets stocked.
  • The AEP stocked lakes can be found here
  • There’s still some bulk flys at Primetime, Golden Guns and Tackle, and Trapper Gords if you don’t tye your own. There’s nothing at CDN Tire.