Minutes from January 5, 2012 meeting

This was the first meeting of 2012 and several new members attended.

Attendance: Colin Broberg (president), Jim Epp (vice president), Jennifer McDonald (treasurer), Terry Taylor (acting secretary), Lars Kjaer, Dan Patten, Jeff Nutting, Phil Gorman, Niraj Shrestha, Chris Mackenzie, Kent and Anton Sware, Keith Upshall, Ken Black, Kerry Paslawski

Jim Epp presented a draft schedule of meetings and events for the early part of 2012. This can be discussed and changes made as required.

Some items noted for discussion were: Swan Lake clean-up on May 19 weekend, Spring Club Trip on May 26 weekend, and April 14 Spey Days trip to Chilliwack BC for those interested. (talk to Chris Mackenzie)

Jim Epp did presentations and demonstrations on three favorite flies:

Wet Dream – a dragon fly nymph imitation, # 8 – 2 hook

Bunny Leech – a blood sucker imitation, #8 – 2 hook

Coronomant Superstretch Floss Pupae – pupae imitation, #14 – 8 hook

The new schedule and poster for next weeks meeting will be forwarded to you .

Note: Meeting on January 12 is about Equipment maintenance.  Bring your gear that needs cleaning, fixing or set up for this coming season!

I hear Ice fishing is going well – get out and enjoy the season!


This weeks meeting will be on THURSDAY  4 th November at Muskoseepi Park Pavillion at 7 pm    At the last meeting Craig Johnson the area’s SRD chief biologist gave  achst on GRAYLING along with some other stuff.  He apologized for not have put any browns in the local lakes for many years…
It was a very productive meeting, I hope we can get Craig back to discuss other items dear to our hearts.
 Club Minutes
I am now the Club Secretary,   and because Jennifer didn’t duck fast enough, she is going to be the Club Treasurer.  There was some talk about getting Jennifer access to the Bank account (Jim, Al, and Colin).       I don’t remember if any one proposed, seconded, or voted on this stuff.
Next WEDNESDAY its rainbow trout time.  Colin will be tying a prince and a dragon fly nymph.
I read that a 52 buick is a dragon fly pattern !
Ian Campbell
Prince Nymph
Rainbow Foam Dragon
52 buick
Dragon Fly