NOTE: THE MEETING IS ON WEDNESDAY 26 THIS WEEK-Craig Johnson the area’s SRD chief biologist

This weeks meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 26 October at Muskoseepi Park Pavillion at 7 pm    Craig Johnson the area’s SRD chief biologist will discuss with us his department’s agenda, and also attempt to answer our questions.

I am interested to know if SRD would be more liberal with the supply of fish to various bodies of water as Craig suggested at the first meeting.  He suggested that SRD might consider stocking Cutbank Lake – even though the fish there won’t usually survive the winter. The lake probably would need grass carp to get rid of the massive summer weeds.

Maybe you can think of other ponds (v small lakes) in this area that could benefit from a dose of rainbows next spring.

How about Crystal Lake in GP ?
I bet there are fishers who wouldn’t mind spending a day and a picnic trying to catch a fish there.

If you want to know why all the browns have gone from our lakes – Craig is the man to ask.

The last time he showed up it was a very productive meeting – so make sure you write up next WEDNESDAY evening on this week’s dance card.

Ian Campbell

SRD FIsh Stocking report

SRD Lakes potentially subject to Summer and winter kill

Ian Campbell

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